Student Projects

'Sedimentology of glaciomarine sediment from Greenland fjords'

Are you interested in sedimentology as well as in climate and glacier science? We are looking for a student who would be interested in working with sediment core data from fjords in Greenland. Such sediment is primarily composed of material deposited from meltwater coming from the ice and from icebergs passing over the site. Following deposition the sediment is subject to different degree of current sorting. So the final bulk sediment is the mixed product of different processes. In this project you will use a computer programme to un-mix the bulk sediment and thereby provide proxy archives of variability over Holocene time scales in glacier melt, iceberg calving, and current strength. This will be an important contribution to studies of ocean-cryosphere interactions.

For further information please contact Camilla S. Andresen (csa at